About Us

Infinity Cricket was established in 2010 in Melbourne and is today a leading cricket, event, media & entertainment organisation. Infinity Cricket's tagline is: 'Connecting people through Cricket.'

Since its launch in 2011, the Infinity T20 Cricket Tournament is one of Australia's leading 'open' T20 Grassroots event with a presence in Melbourne and more recently in Brisbane. In 2014, across two cities and three events, there were 48 teams and over 700 players that participated.

Leg-spinner Fawad Ahmed, who currently plays for Victoria and has represented Australia played Infinity Cricket from 2011-2012.

We cover cricket both domestically & internationally with a focus on bringing the audience closer to the sport through quality content, feature articles and exclusive interviews.

Our cricket equipment range includes premium quality cricket bats, gloves and equipment and we also offer a vast range of sporting apparel from sublimated gear to hoodies and Snapbacks.

Infinity Cricket's founder is Navneet Ganesh. He is deeply passionate about the sport and has a keen interest in its development and growth.

Founder Of Infinity Cricket : Navneet Ganesh

Tagline Of Infinity Cricket : Connecting people through Cricket