All incidents that take place in the field of play during the tournament are to be recorded and submitted to Infinity Cricket. In most cases, the on-field umpire will be able to resolve the issue. In certain circumstances however, an independent review may be utilised. In such cases, a match-incident report will need to be filed by all involved parties (i.e umpire and or team captains). All evidence is taken into consideration, a tribunal may be held and all decisions made by the review panel is final.

Please note Infinity Cricket Management will not be involved in the delivery of any outcomes except where there has been a breach by the appointed independent panel or in exceptional circumstances.


  • 1.
    If an incident takes place - on-field umpire's are the first port of call and are responsible for defusing the situation and taking all necessary steps as per the stipulated rules of the tournament. If in doubt, they are to back their judgement and state their justification in the 'Match Incident Report,' which is overseen by a review panel. The review panel may issue penalties to players or teams at their discretion.
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    There may be certain situations or circumstances where a captain of a team may believe they have a justification in opposing the on-field umpire's decision or ruling. This can only be taken up after the match. In this case, the captain will have to fill out a 'Match Incident Report' and include evidence from any team members. The on-field umpire's ruling will stand unless and until the Incident Panel believe that the case warrants a tribunal.


Date Teams Region Ground Name Result
[no region] Venue TBC N/A
6* v 8* [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A
5 v 7* [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A
2 v 4 [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A