Infinity Cricket was founded in 2010 with a tagline of 'Connecting people through Cricket.' There were several societal shifts that were taking place: people were becoming increasingly time poor, were highly social and migrants continued to make Australia home. Cricket too was changing; the club cricket model that had largely remained unchanged for a century was beginning to feel the pressure as participation declined. The advent of the IPL and the BBL meant that there was increased interest in shorter and modified formats which focused on the entertainment and experience of the players. Lastly, migrant communities were often disconnected and isolated from the traditional cricket structures that existed. Therefore Infinity Cricket launched an 'open' T20 concept that would inspire and grow the passion of cricketers at the grassroots level. The event appeals to a wide range of cricketers including those that are active, lapsed, irregular as well as new cricketers. Players are encouraged to enter teams with their mates, club or work colleagues and participate in a competitive fluid format that is packaged with entertainment to ultimately provide an experience that extends beyond the cricket field and is unlike any other at the grassroots level. Since 2010, Infinity Cricket has two established annual events in Melbourne, has recently launched in Brisbane and has plans for expanding into Sydney and Adelaide in the near future. In 2014 we are ideally poised to involve more than 60 teams across three cities.