Captain's responsibilities

Prior to tournament:

  • Ensure team registration fees are paid in FULL
  • All players need to be registered online
  • At least a minimum of 13 team shirts need to be ordered. Shirt size and number preference must be submitted ahead of the registration closing date.
  • Please select a region preference for your Group Matches. Please note that whilst we will make every effort to take your preferences into consideration, it is not guaranteed.

During the tournament:

  • Ensure that the team arrives at the match at least 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time
  • Please notify Infinity Cricket should there be any changes to the team during the tournament. Please note that the squad is locked after the tournament begins and there cannot be any more additions or changes to the squad without prior communication and approval from Infinity Cricket Management
  • Hand the match balls to the umpires post match
  • For matches where there is no Infinity Cricket appointed square leg, please note the batting side will have to nominate a square leg.
  • Ensure that all team-members adhere to the Spirit of Cricket. It is unacceptable to abuse the umpire, official, opposition, management or spectators and if a team or player does so - they may risk their participation in Infinity Cricket events.