There are times when it is inevitable that matches are scheduled for play during extreme heat. Infinity Cricket believes that the health and well-being of players, officials and participants is paramount. Therefore, Infinity Cricket Match day Coordinators and officials should take all reasonable steps to minimise foreseeable risks which may result in injury or damage.

Where possible and practical, matches may be scheduled to start earlier and/or finish later. Any changes to original fixtures will be communicated to all captains and officials in advance.

a) On extreme heat days, it is the responsibility of the Match Day / Region Coordinator to monitor the weather on a half-hourly basis via the Bureau of Meteorology website.
b) Should the temperature reach 42 degrees Celsius or above, play should be suspended immediately. The weather should be monitored closely and should not resume until it falls below 41 degrees.
c) Sufficient leniency should be provided by umpires to accommodate extra time for each match

Notwithstanding the above, the umpires shall have the powers to abandon or suspend play at any time at their discretion if they feel it is unsafe to play. No player or official is forced by Infinity Cricket to participate in any match as a result of health issues.

a) On extreme heat days, match coordinators should keep a half-hour log of the weather. The weather should be measured consistently using the same device and location.
b) The location that the measurement should take place should not be in the shade to simulate ground conditions

a) There shall be a drinks break every 10 overs and also allowed should a wicket fall
b) Every effort should still be made to start matches on time, and keep any stoppages in play brief or as necessary


  • Infinity Cricket Tournament rules state that a team can utilise up to 4 substitutes in a match. Umpires should ensure that all substitutes that being used by teams are known prior to the match and that they cannot bat, bowl or keep wickets.
  • However under extreme heat, rotation of players on and off the field is appropriate. Captains should ensure that all player substitutions are communicated clearly to umpires.
  • Match day coordinators should ensure players and officials seek share when not on the playing field


  • Encourage players to drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) with no restrictions placed on players getting drinks, placing them on the field etc.
  • Be in constant communication with the Official Infinity Cricket Match Day Coordinator to monitor temperature.
  • Suspend and/or extend play where appropriate
  • Allow players to be rested/rotated during play
  • Act in the best interests of the players and their health at all times


  • Water is the best form of re-hydration.
  • The general advice for fluid intake during cricket is to drink to replace most of your sweat losses, at least to the level that is practical and comfortable. Typically, cricketers are advised to try to keep fluid deficits to less than 2% of body weight.
  • When sweat losses are high, you should take advantage of the opportunity to drink from the side-lines at the end of overs or the fall of wickets. Of course, you can also drink when your team is batting, and you are not on the field. It is usually not possible to drink at a rate that replaces all sweat losses incurred during the game - however you should drink at a rate that is comfortable and keeps pace with sweat losses as well as possible.
  • Players are encouraged to have their own drink bottles. This ensures that eachplayer has access to an adequate level of replacement fluids and reduces the risk of contamination and viruses

Extreme heat can lead to a number of heat-related injuries including: Dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
Heat stroke is a potentially fatal condition and must be treated immediately by a medical professional. Symptoms of heat injury / heat stroke:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Confusion &
  • Light-headedness.

It is important to be aware and react quickly to any of the symptoms.

Emergency plan:

  • 1. Lie the person down
  • 2. Loosen and remove excessive clothing & cool by fanning
  • 3. Give cool water to drink if conscious
  • 4. Apply wrapped ice packs to groins and armpits
  • 5. Seek further medical assistance. Ring 000 if required.