The 21 teams in the tournament are split across 4 groups and across 2 regions - Central & North.

  • There are 4 groups - comprising 3 groups of 5 teams and 1 group of 6 teams
  • Each team plays 4 Group Matches
  • The TOP team from each group progresses automatically to the 'Quarter Finals'
  • The next best 2 teams from each group will progress to the 'Qualifying Finals' played on the 9th of Feb.
  • All teams 1-12 will be ranked at the conclusion of the Group Stage to determine ranking and fixtures for the knock-out round

The Knock-out Format:

Each year, Infinity Cricket has innovated and adopted knock-out formats that are tailored and suitable for the number of participating teams.

It is our intention to provide a competitive structure, where teams place pride in their performances over the Group stages and the overall position in the Group becomes important.

However, we also want to ensure a reasonable number of teams from the Group Stage have the opportunity to progress to the 'knock-out' stages of the tournament, should their performances warrant it.

It is for this reason that in this tournament - the top 12 teams from the Group Stage will have the opportunity to progress to the knock-out stage of the competition.

How it works


9th FebMatch ID
5 v 12(8)
6 v 11(7)
7 v 10(6)
8 v 9(5)

Teams 1-4 automatically qualify to the Quarter Finals by virtue of finishing on top of the Group


16th FebMatch ID
1 v 8(1)
2 v 7(2)
3 v 6(3)
4 v 5(4)


23rd Feb Match ID
1 v 4(1)
2 v 3(2)


2nd March
1 v 2