This is Melbourne's largest 'open' T20 Cricket Tournament. Are you ready?

Whether you are a team of die-hard cricketing enthusiasts or are rusty from not lifting a bat for years, this is the tournament that brings the cricketer in each of us out in the open. On the field, battle lines will be drawn. No team will want to concede ground. It will be tough. Innovation and stretching the realms of possibility are strongly encouraged.

All teams first find themselves at the GROUP STAGE. We give you 4 matches to ease yourself into the event, strike up a few wins and hopefully finish near the top of your group. If you finish first in the group, you are rewarded with automatic progression to the KNOCK-OUT STAGE of the competition. If you are near the top of the group, you do yourself no harm as we have 16 spots up for grabs across 5 groups.

The KNOCK-OUT STAGE is where we like to separate the men from the boys. Of course it is always satisfying to see the underdog triumph and they say the dark horse is always a threat. So we ensure the best 16 teams have a chance to progress further by playing in a QUALIFYING FINAL. Win that and you enter the 'business end' of the competition. This is where the reverse sweeps that were practiced in the nets translate to boundaries out in the middle, and where those slower ball bouncers gets your team across the line. The QUARTER FINAL will feature the top 8 teams from the competition. However don't be intimidated. This is T20 cricket - anything is possible. The first step is belief. Go out there and think you can beat the best.

Win the quarters and you are through to the SEMI FINALS. We like to keep you challenged and if the opposition wasn't enough, these matches will be played on turf. But don't worry - we are told Premier Turf wickets are generally of a very high standard! But just don't take our word for it! We'll gee up the atmosphere with some quality tunes and off-field entertainment. So tell the friends and bring the family. After all - making it to the semi-finals of the Infinity T20 Cricket Tournament is no small achievement!

Finding a way to get past the semi finals ensures you a ticket to Junction Oval. This is the big one - the GRAND FINAL. Win this match and you would have won 4 matches in a ROW! Win this, and you might as well try your luck at the lottery. But - is it luck I hear you say? Perhaps it isn't. Perhaps it is destiny. You can visualise your team name engraved on the side of the Infinity T20 Cup. Well - our advice: don't dream - make it a reality. The Cup is there for your taking! One last battle and then it's all over!

This is a celebration of a sport we are all so passionate about. This is a celebration of cultural diversity. And finally a celebration of your team's achievements on getting this far! We throw in a DJ, get a few wonderfully talented girls synchronising their bodies to every boundary hit or wicket taken, create a carnival style atmosphere and shower the winners with prizes. This is cricket the way it is meant to be.
This is the Infinity T20 Cricket Tournament - 'Where the excitement never stops!'

Will you be lifting the trophy?


Date Teams Region Ground Name Result
[no region] Venue TBC N/A
6* v 8* [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A
5 v 7* [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A
2 v 4 [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A