It is a requirement that all umpires appointed by Infinity Cricket are professional, punctual and positive. It is expected that all umpires have a sound working knowledge of the tournament rules and regulations.

When umpiring in the Infinity T20 Cricket Tournament, umpires have a responsibility to uphold the spirit of the cricket, make sound decisions and always represent the brand in a positive manner.

Whilst encouraging up and coming umpires, we wish to ensure that the tournament has a high standard of umpiring. For this reason, umpire performances will be constantly monitored by Infinity Cricket management as well as reviews from captains.

  • Knowledge and application of the tournament rules and regulations
  • Consistency in decision making
  • Punctuality at matches
  • Being suitably attired
  • Being attentive and alert at all times
  • Correct completion of and submission of paperwork (i.e 'General Umpire Match report')
  • Professionalism - your behaviour should set an example and be positive & supportive.
  • Ability to handle pressure situations and diffuse any on/off-field incidents
  • Ensure safety of all players, participants and spectators
  • Clear communication with colleagues, captains, players and Infinity Cricket Management

Download the pre game check list