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Rules & Regulations

  • Pre Game checklist Pdf

    Please arrive at the game at least half an hour before the scheduled start to collect all match documents and set-up the stumps and cones.

    • Report to the pavilion/ground 30 minutes before scheduled start
    • Collect scorecards, match balls, cones and stumps
    • Ensure that when marking boundaries, it is as far out as possible whilst ensuring the safety of players.
    • Ensure that the team sheet is filled out prior to the start of the match. The umpire should verify if all the players have been registered. If not, please make a note of those players and inform IC management at the conclusion of the match.
    • Umpire fairly and demonstrate knowledge of the rules & regulations of the tournament. Ensure that scorecards are completely filled out and are accurate. Please check the the scorecards at the change-of-innings to ensure accuracy.
    • Please ensure that BOTH captains sign the scorecard before submitting the scorecard to Infinity Cricket.
    • Post match – collect and return match balls, cones and stumps (leave cones and stumps if directed to do so in the case of back-to-back matches). If any balls were lost please state that on the scorecard so that we can record this
    • Fill out the General Umpire Match Report and the Match Incident Report if necessary.

  • Official team sheets Pdf

  • General Umpire Match Report Pdf

  • Player Offenses and Response Guide Link to Player Offences

  • Match Incident Report Pdf

  • Match Incident Panel Pdf


Date Teams Region Ground Name Result
[no region] Venue TBC N/A
6* v 8* [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A
5 v 7* [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A
2 v 4 [no region] Fawkner Park, South Yarra N/A